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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Statement from Rod Shoap on reasons for his resignation as Crossvile police chief

I resigned from my position of Crossville Police Chief for the following reasons.
I have worked here for 17 months and the council's bickering and fighting has not slowed for a moment. Two people in particular just can't stop!
Personal agenda and poor judgement have no place on our council. All should be working closely together, building consensus to improve the quality of life for residents, taxpayers and visitors.
If these two worked as hard for
our betterment as they do going at each other's throats, we would all be a year ahead of schedule and have even lower taxes.
One person may have a slightly skewed thought of what should be but the other wants to control the world and fist fight every person that has a different thought than he does.
My advise to you: STOP, STOP, STOP fighting!
Be a good steward with whatever time you have left in office and then try to find a place in life where you can be happy and an unselfish contributor!
Government is set up in a way that no one person should have total control over anything. So, please stop violating the charter with private meetings, texts and phone calls to each other for votes.
Stop calling department heads and giving them your marching orders. It's not your police department, it belongs to citizens. Your responsibility is for policy making, not carrying out your personal agendas for power and control.
If you don't like what a department head does, work with the city
Manager to build rapport and reach agreeable solutions for service effectiveness and efficiencies. Stop going to the police chief ordering him/her to follow your agenda for personal gain.
I'm not the only person sick and tired of this. The entire city, county, country is tired of it. Put citizens first for a change. Be a good steward!
And last, the city manager is an okay
person who likes to laugh, play golf and enjoy friends. But, he can't constantly call one council person asking for permission, direction or advise. He has to be able to make a decision, himself. For Heaven's Sake, get someone who knows what they are doing... Please!
PS: to one councilman who enjoys fighting, stop messaging me with ugly rants. I resigned. You should be happy now, you won!

1 comment:

  1. How unfortunately sad that your community has had to endure the embarrassing shenanigans that led to this resignation.