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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Council standing rules change, but not as Mr. Souza sought.

For several months, councilman Pete Souza has put an item on the agenda to try and reverse changes to the standing rules that would reinstate regular monthly work session and public comments during discussion of an agenda item.  

It did not go as planned.Wyatt moved to change the standing rules so as not to allow an item to be on the council's agenda for 90 days after an item fails to pass.  Before receiving a second, the motion was cleared with city attorney Will Ridley who said it would be legal for the council to put on itself.  

Councilman Jesse Kerley seconded the motion.  

Mr. Souza said, "I want to bring to the council's attention that this has far reaching effects, not just for what I've brought here today,  If this motion is just to censor Pete Souza, it has far reaching effects on every member of this council."

Mayor Mayberry said he recalled the first motion to come back to the council during his term was on the sponsorship of a golf tournament.  

The motion passed with council members Wyatt, Kerley and Pam Harris voting in favor.  Mr. Souza and Mayor Mayberry were opposed.  

One recent example of bringing an item back to council after being voted down was the Community Development Block Grant for $500,000 that the council voted down on a Thursday and called a special meeting the next Monday to reconsider and approve after reconsidering the action.  

Discussion and vote on city council rule change.

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