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Friday, July 1, 2016

Latest on the upcoming Crossville city election—Possible New Candidates

Three new qualifying petitions have been signed out by possible candidates to run for Crossville city council in the upcoming November 8 election. Also, one additional petition has been turned back in.

New potential candidates who have taken out petitions include Robert E. Rob Harrison, long-time local Crossville businessman who runs Plateau Properties, Scot Shanks, another long time Crossville businessman and former owner of L. P. Shanks. The third candidate is Jack E. Miller, former city manager and interim city manager who lives in Holiday Hills.

Another candidate, Jeanette Parsons has turned her petition back in, bringing to 3 the number of petitions returned to the election commission. The other candidates who have turned papers back in include former Mayor J. H. Graham and Teri Manning.

Petitions previously taken out but not yet returned include incumbent councilman Jesse Kerley, and Barry Field. While Field took out papers, he does not qualify as a city resident and is likely not elligible to run for a council seat.

In the race for Mayor of Crab Orchard, Michael Findley and Emmett Sherrill have taken out qualifying papers and Mr. Sherrill the incumbent has turned his back in.

The deadline to turn in qualifying papers for the November election is August 18 at noon.   

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