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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Truth is stranger then fiction. The Brisket basket bathtub fire...

Report from Knoxville Fire Department on a strange incident earlier this week:
At 6:05 p.m., Monday, July 11th, units from the Knoxville Fire Department responded to 4834 Scheel Rd. apartment 214 for report of a structural fire. 

When firefighters arrived they found a middle aged woman fanning light smoke from her apartment. She told fire crews the fire was in the bathroom. What firemen saw next has to be a first in our books. The aspiring chef was attempting to cook a brisket in her fiberglass bathtub. She had an open flame in the bottom of the tub, with a wire rack with meat resting on the upper edges. 

Now, this may sound tempting and tasty, but now comes our public service announcement; "THIS IS NOT A SAFE PRACTICE, AND OVER 50% OF RESIDENTIAL FIRES INVOLVE COOKING". With that said most all of those documented fires are in the kitchen though. 

Firefighters were able to use the shower head to extinguish the melting fiberglass without incident or injuries. The apartment below suffered minimal water damage. 

The tub and brisket were a total loss.

Captain D.J. Corcoran
Knoxville F.D.

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